I have no doubt that a sincere believer can, with integrity, be a pluralist
in relation to other religions others than his own,
without compromising commitment to the essence
of the doctrinal teachings of his own faith.

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama


If the Interfaith Meditation Initiative and its partners are successful, heightened well-being, compassion, partnerships, and insight will be more prevalent throughout society to support healthier citizens, communities, institutions, and governance. Change will manifest at all levels including:

Individuals will:

  • Recognize a deeper connection with individuals of other faiths,diminishing what has separated us and strengthening our shared humanity;
  • Experience research-based benefits of meditation in daily living, among those who continue to practice meditation. (See “Benefits of Meditation.”Link to 2nd category of Meditation doc (evidence-based outcomes)

Religious Leaders will:

  • Realize a deeper ground of connection with religious leaders of other faiths, infusing their ministries with enhanced insight and spiritual collegiality.
  • Encourage the practice of meditation within their own faith in order to manifest the evidence-based benefits of meditation for increasing numbers of individuals and organizations.

Faith Organizations will:

  • Regularly communicate empathy for people of other faiths/cultures -internally within their organizations and externally within their communities – decreasing unfavorable views and conflict and advancing mutual understanding and trust;
  • Experience research-based benefits of meditation, as an organization, when a critical mass of congregants practice meditation of their faith.

Communities will:

  • See increasing tolerance, well-being, and conflict resolution when choosing to make use of meditation practices.

Institutions will:

  • Recognize the utility of developing mindfulness through awareness practices in order to act with enhanced discernment and insight.



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"I've co-led two interfaith meditation events, each time with Jewish and Muslim faith leaders...I connected with the devotion of my colleagues, and the language of their meditations became a portal for me to a place beyond words.” Reverend Randy Lord-Wilkinson, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Maryland; IMI meditation co-leader