Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find a list of next programs?
Next programs are located on our website, at ”Upcoming, Range, Outcomes”
If you would like to receive notice of upcoming programs, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter, by entering your email address at the bottom of this page.

Do I need to register?
For nearly all programs, there is no need to register. (Occasionally, a particular program will note an RSVP.) It can be helpful to arrive ten or fifteen minutes before all programs begin.

How much does it cost to attend an interfaith meditation program?
There are no fees to attend any program of the Interfaith Meditation Initiative. We view the practice of meditation and interfaith community as priceless experiences. We also wish to insure access to people of all economic means. A donation basket is available at the program site.

How do you sustain your programming without any required fees?
We have been an almost entirely all-volunteer organization – with 81% of our total revenue in the form of volunteer services. We rely upon individuals’ financial generosity to sustain programming.

How can I contribute to interfaith meditation programming?
Your financial contribution goes a long way in our streamlined budget. You may explore a donation amount that aligns with your intention and your pocketbook, by clicking on Contribute.

What can I expect during a program?
You may anticipate a relaxed, inviting environment for sampling two meditations from two spiritual traditions. In brief, two or three leaders from different traditions each guide, one after the other, an authentic meditation from their tradition for twenty or twenty-five minutes. For more details, please click on Range of Programs.

Do I need to have meditation experience?
Those new to meditation, and those with a measure of past experience, are likely to find these meditation programs beneficial. Those who do have meditation experience often describe the value of “beginner’s mind” when meditating, for relying upon one’s meditation “resume” can be a hindrance!

Do I need to be affiliated with the faith of one of the meditation co-leaders to attend a program?
People of any religious affiliation, and those unaffiliated with any tradition, are equally welcome. There are no barriers to meditating.

Do I need to be believe any specific creed to meditate?
Not at all. We suggest substituting any potentially uncomfortable word of a meditation with what may be more conducive to relaxing the mind and welcoming one’s own spirit. We encourage our meditation co-leaders to offer meditations that are both authentic and accessible.

What if I’d like some continuing guidance in meditation, after a program?
Please see our list of IMI meditation resources, all of which are offered without charge. (A donation is appreciated.) You also may wish to see our list of intra-faith meditation resources.




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"I've co-led two interfaith meditation events, each time with Jewish and Muslim faith leaders...I connected with the devotion of my colleagues, and the language of their meditations became a portal for me to a place beyond words.” Reverend Randy Lord-Wilkinson, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Maryland; IMI meditation co-leader