If you have participated in one of our programs, we welcome your feedback.

In particular, it is helpful for us to know:

  • During the program, or soon afterwards, did you experience a benefit from the meditations, such as a feeling of well-being, serenity, relaxation, or mental clarity?
  • As a result of the program, has an interest arisen to begin or expand a meditation practice of your own (within your own spiritual path)?
  • As a result of the program, do you feel that you have a deeper understanding of another faith?
  • Would you recommend the practice of meditation (whether secular meditation or from any spiritual tradition) to a friend, colleague, or family member?
  • Would you recommend an IMI program to someone? (If not, kindly let us know what you would like us to do differently.)





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"I've co-led two interfaith meditation events, each time with Jewish and Muslim faith leaders...I connected with the devotion of my colleagues, and the language of their meditations became a portal for me to a place beyond words.” Reverend Randy Lord-Wilkinson, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Maryland; IMI meditation co-leader